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Quartz – Interview


Fear No Evil is the long-waited and great come-back album of the Quartz, after 33 years. Mick Hopkins, lead guitarist and founder member of the band, tell us the news. 1) What does it mean to come back in 2016 ...

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Space Mirrors


Messages from the stars: interview with Space Mirrors Interview by Davide Arecco Space Mirrors are today, for many reviewers, a true space metal column. Their last Stella Polaris album is a sort of masterpiece. We have talked about this with Alisa ...

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One step away from heaven!!! Yes, the story about Tilt can be summarized with this few words, they had the chance to become one of the biggest hopes of British Metal scene of the eighties, two showcase organized for EMI ...

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In all these years I’ve had the opportunity to seek out numerous long lost bands through the course of Hard n’Heavy history, especially from Italy, but this Northampton’s band, holds a special place in my heart. Yes guys, those of ...

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Doomocracy is another obscure band who hail from Greece, a country with a strong tradition in quality Doom Metal. They are still promoting their latest album “The end is written” which was released last year on Steel Gallery Records, which ...

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